“I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb.” Jeremiah 1:5
As a mother, I have the natural instinct of wanting to protect my children. I hope that they achieve all that they set out to do. I want the absolute best for them! Some of you know my daughter Gracyn’s history. If not, here is a very quick break down.

When I was pregnant with Gracyn, I caught something called Cytomegalovirus. With that, I passed it to Gracyn and she was born with congenital CMV. This horrible disease has taken her hearing, her ability to develop as a normal child, caused chronic liver disease, calcifications in her brain, along with other things. I hate this virus with every fiber of my being. Now with that being said, I believe God can take anything that the devil intended for harm  and bring good out of it. And in typical fashion, God did just that in this situation.

Gracyn having CMV has caused me to lean on God more than I ever have. It has showed me how to use my faith, trusting God to do what only he can do. It has brought wonderful relationships with therapists, doctors, and other parents going through the same things. And one of the most significant things it has taught me is that Satan wants to destroy my children and everything God has called them to do.

John 10:10 says that Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy. He has taken so many things from Gracyn that it stuns me. Why would he want to harm this sweet, innocent child?! But the true question is why wouldn’t he? A child is innocent and in many ways, can not fight for themselves. They don’t know right from wrong yet or good from bad. They don’t know how to stand on God’s truth for their lives. They are vulnerable. So yes, children are a great target. But he doesn’t stop there. Know what is even more vulnerable than a child? A parent who loves their child very much. You see when Satan attacks a child, he is also attacking their parents. He is wanting them to begin questioning God and all he stands for. When your child is suffering, in whatever that capacity may be, we as parents become vulnerable. We doubt, we worry, we become anxious, we become fearful, and we set our minds up for Satan to plant himself right in the middle of our thoughts and mindsets. I know this because I had become a victim to this exact scheme of the enemy.

I started this post off with a scripture, Jeremiah 1:5. This verse is so significant to me because it says that God knew my children before they were in my womb. That means he knew Gracyn, before she became sick in my womb and he had a plan for her. Such a plan it seems, that Satan went straight to her point of origin and tried to destroy her. Many times during my pregnancy with her, I hemorrhaged and the doctors couldn’t guarantee she would still be alive at the next ultrasound. But time and time again, she was bouncing around, showing that God was still winning this fight! Now as she is getting older, we have hit more setbacks. But don’t let that fool you! Each and every time God has shown us how faithful he is! So the last few days I have had some pretty bold statements for Satan and I want him to know where we stand-

1. You can not have my children because they are not yours to have.

2. Whatever you plan to throw at us, it’s okay. It will not shake us because we know that if God is for us, who can be against us.

3. For everything you take, God will provide more.

4. Every trick, scheme, sickness, disability, bad relationship, horrible situation, or step backwards you have for my children, you can keep it. Take it elsewhere because it doesn’t fly here.

5. Not only can you not have my children, but you can’t have my mind either. You can not take the nurturing nature that God gave me and use it to further your plan. When worry, anxiety, fear, etc. are coming upon me, you can keep that too and shove it where the sun don’t shine!

6. As for me and my house, we serve the Almighty God. He is victorious and there for we are victorious through him. You are already defeated and we take hold of our victory!

I declare this not only over my children, but over yours! Don’t let Satan steal what God has for your children and your family! Let’s vow as parents to not open our lives and thinking up to the tricks of the enemy. We have been given the opportunity to raise the next generation. Let’s not take that task lightly.

Written by Stacia Tiller