When I began this blog a little over a month ago, one of the biggest reasons I started it was as a hobby for myself. I remember thinking,”I’ll start this blog and post about my feelings, awesome deals I get, and everything else AND I’ll do it all in my free time.” What on earth was I thinking?! There is no such thing as free time. 

Recently I took a new job which I am very thrilled about. It’s something that I like but is also a bit out of my comfort zone so it is pushing me to grow and learn. Even though I love it, it hasn’t been easy. I’m learning new things everyday as well as perfecting some skills I already had. I saw a quote the other day that said if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. I thought to myself that that is a perfect representation of my new job. But when I thought even more about it, I realized that could be the motto for my whole life right now. 

Upon recently starting a new job, I have continued to work another part time position for my dad. Both of these jobs, I am able to do a decent amount of the work from home. This is such a blessing because I don’t have to pay for childcare for my kids. Then on the other hand, have you ever tried to accomplish anything with three kids at home? Easier said than done! I’m learning daily different tricks and maneuvers to use with my lovely but very time consuming children. 

So let’s see, two part time jobs pretty much totaling out at about full time hours some weeks, three kids (which shout out to you other moms out there because momming is a job itself. I salute you!) attempting to keep some sort of order to my house, and let’s not even talk about the cooking. I don’t enjoy cooking anyway, but when my husband has worked all day, and comes homes to do some side work, I am usually left trying to figure something out. So guess what? Frozen pizza night!! And I’m not even ashamed. 

To top off the already hectic schedule, my 18 month started school this past week. She was born deaf thanks to a horrible virus, CMV, and now has cochlear implants. There is a center for the deaf about an hour from our house where she attends twice a week. So on Mondays and Fridays, we get up, leave the house before 7, deal with rush hour traffic and get to school around 8:30. I’m so excited for what this opportunity will do for her. Hopefully in the coming years, my baby will learn to talk! 

Then there is my daughter’s overall health. Her liver has been acting up, resulting in more tests (and more faith to believe she is healed). She sees two therapists weekly and one bi-weekly. Follow ups with her doctors have slowed but seem to keep coming at a steady rate. I mean come on, when will this end?! 

So that brings me back to my new claimed motto on life. If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. I know (and have to remind myself every five minutes at times) that this is just a season. That this season is just preparing me for seasons to come. It’s just like when you work out. You start only being able to run a mile but after some time, running a mile is easy. You build up endurance. You get stronger. Sometimes this season of life for me has me completely overwhelmed, but it won’t last forever. I am learning, growing, changing, and ultimately becoming stronger. One day I will look back, maybe happy to be through this season or maybe missing my small children miserably. But I will be able to look back and say I got through it, and I’m stronger because of it.   

Written by Stacia Tiller