Today while I was doing some things around the house, I had to laugh at myself at some of the thoughts going through my head. When I was a teenager, I’m sure I never imagined that some day, on a daily basis, I would be thinking things like, “wonder if I will make it through this bathroom trip with no interruptions,” or “I only wore this shirt for a couple hours the other day and it doesn’t stink. I’m totally wearing it again.” But low and behold, I have reached that point in motherhood and I have to say, it makes me laugh. Maybe not right that moment but just in general. Normal changes so much once you become a mom. So I decided to keep tabs on the random thoughts I have through out the day. I’m sure some of you can relate to these.

“I do not want to get out of bed right now.” 

“Wonder how long I can lay here and pretend I don’t hear my child awake in the other room.” 

“Is it nap time yet?” 

“I feed this poor child the same thing every single day.” 

“Do not, don’t do it. Seriously?” 

“I’m pretty sure I’ve picked this same thing up 20 times.” 

“Sure it’s not nap time yet?” 

“If you wake up your brother, so help me I may be forced to do something very not nice.” 

“I think I’m going to change my name to something other than mom.” 

“Seriously, I have like the cutest kids ever.” 

“It’s a good thing you are cute otherwise I might have to sell you.” 

“I love you. I love you. I love you. Just say it enough and the mess they just made won’t matter.” 

“Finally. Nap time.” 

“Oh come on. That was like the shortest nap ever.” 

“I just fed you like 20 minutes ago. How can you possibly be hungry again?” 

“Dang it. I need to make something for dinner.” 

“Why did I come in this room again?” 

“Where did I put that?” 

“Where’s my phone?” 

“I’m SO tired.” 

“Should I shower today? Or can I pull of a second day hair style?” 

“I think I need some retail therapy. Or coffee.” 

“What is that smell?” 

“Did I eat lunch? I can’t remember.” 

“It’s the Mickey Mouse clubhouse…okay no. Don’t get that song stuck in your head.” 

“Come inside, it’s fun inside! Dang it, already stuck.” 

“How many hours until I can put them to bed?” 

“You can do this Stacia. You’ve got this. Just keep going.” 

“We should do something fun.” 

“Never mind, it takes way too much energy to get everyone out the door.” 

“Seriously, where did I put my phone?” 

“Oh thank you Lord it’s bed time. But wait, now I’ve got to clean the house up.” 

So, have any of you had a few of those thoughts run through your head too?! There are so many more I could have added but these are some of the more common ones. But at the end of the day, no matter how much my mind was racing all day, I am thankful for my kids! Even on the days they make me crazy, I still lay in bed at night and look at pictures I was able to snap of them through out the day. It may be crazy, but it’s totally worth it! 

Written by Stacia Tiller