Who’s ready for some cooler weather? Today I took my kids to the zoo and have stayed at all the inside attractions because it is SO hot. But we were blessed with some nice weather the other day that has me excited for all fall has to offer! 

When I saw the high was only in the 70s the other day, I decided to break out these adorable short boots of Xandrie’s. I got these a few months back for $4 at the resale shop. Since they were out of season at the time, they had them marked down. With it not being full blown fall weather yet, I paired it with light, cotton jean leggings and a nice flowy tank top. The top, which is from a boutique, I scored at a discounted rate of $3.50 and the pants were $1.50 totaling this whole outfit out at $9! 

My tip for today is try to buy things when they aren’t in season. Most of the time, you can get them much cheaper! 

Written by Stacia Tiller