So have any of you seen the new “Cat & Jack” brand at Target?! They have adorable, boutique like clothes for very reasonable prices. As I looked through the pieces, I fell in love! I had a gift card so I knew that a few of these pieces, would be coming home with us. 

The shirt Gracyn has on here was just too cute to pass up. With bright colors and a unique design, I loved it! Not to mention, brand new it was only $4.50 (I also had a GC so free for me, yay!). They had many different graphic tees for $4.50, for both boys and girls! So I tossed it on her with some little bloomers I got at the resale shop for a $5 outfit! Can’t you see her excitement over it?! She was “talking” to me and exclaiming just how much she liked it. 

Written by Stacia Tiller