I am a huge fan of bold prints, mix and matching prints, and just about everything else prints. To follow that, I love the color back which is usually incorporated in some of my favorite prints. I think we can all agree that black was a great color invented to make us all look good, right?! We constantly joke that my closet could be named, “50 shades of black.” So as one could assume, my kids have a lot of black in their wardrobes too. 

I have had so much fun lately mix and matching prints as it is really “in” right now. Although hard to see, Xandrie has a white shirt on with gold polka dots, paired with striped pants. LOVE the polka dot and stripe combo. Not to mention her new fringe sneakers from FabKids (only $10!) Gracyn has on some of my favorite pants she’s ever owned. These bold printed pants were from a girl who lives here in town and makes some of our clothes for great prices! My focus price wise today is definitely X’s outfit though. The polka dot shirt I found on the Old Navy clearance rack for $2.47 and the pants were a resale shop find for $1.50. Add those $10 shoes and that is a whole outfit for under $15! It gets harder the older they get to find clothes for cheap (especially shoes) but I plan to keep looking for those deals! 

I would just like to add, that I’m going to begin sharing some clothing deals and outfits for older kids too in the near future! (I’ve got some seriously great nieces and nephews who are planning to help me with this.) So if you’ve ever read one of my posts and thought it didn’t relate to you because your kids are older, don’t worry. I will have some deals and tips for you next month! 

Written by Stacia Tiller