You know those days I’m talking about. The days where you wish you could rewind and start over. Today was most definitely one of those days. Let me explain. 

The morning actually started off well. It started early, but it was good. My two littlest ones had me up much earlier than I would have liked, but I was able to turn the tv on and just chill with them for a while. Once my older one was up, I began my everyday routine. Laundry, dishes, feeding the kids etc. Xandrie and Silas had been sick over the weekend so I wanted to get them into the doctor this morning. Got the appointment made and the morning was taking off fairly uneventful. My husband called us to check in and asked how I was doing- said he had been thinking about me all morning. At this point, I really was okay. Little did I know, the chaos just hadn’t started yet. 

Not long after getting off the phone with him, my mom called with some info that was not the greatest to hear. The procedure I was going to need done to have my wisdom teeth taken out was looking to be much more expensive than I had hoped. We all have things like this come up. You know, when life apparently thinks we have money growing on trees in our back yards? Yeah it’s fun. So I start mentally preparing myself to pay that bill with money we don’t have. As I’m thinking about this, my son decides he’s hungry. All is good, I mean I was kind of hungry too so I begin making his bottle to silent his hungry crying. As I’m making it, my two year old decides she wants to help and knocks the formula can onto the ground. Oh no big deal, it’s just like liquid money covering my floor now. Awesome. So she begins to cry (mind you her brother is still crying) and I ask her to go sit on the couch and watch her show while I get this bottle made for her brother. Bam. As she’s getting down she knocks her sister backwards and I hear her head hit the floor. Now don’t get me wrong, I was upset my daughter hit her head in the first place but she has a very expensive head. I mean like lots of thousands of dollars per ear (She has cochlear implants). So for that reason, I was even a little more concerned. Que screaming. Now I’ve successfully got Cryfest 2016 going on in my house and for a moment I thought about just joining them. Gracyn is now bleeding from her ear, Xandrie is sprawled out on the ground upset and poor Silas is still just wanting a bottle. So I turn on some music, real loud to drown out the noise and I took care of each of them, one at a time. I called the doctor back to see if I could get G in as well to check her incision sight and head. Yay, I now get to take all three kids to the doctor (thank you Jesus my husband was able to go with me.) Once the girls were content, I began feeding Silas and all was good in the world. Wrong. Xandrie was playing peek a boo with her sister at their bedroom door and smashed her fingers as she slammed the door closed. At this point it’s almost comical. Like this is what my life looks like. No wonder I have gray hair already. I’m only 23. But to be honest, we all feel crazy at times. 

If you can read this story and think to yourself,”Wow. I have no idea what she’s talking about. My life is never this out of hand.” Then you are probably lying to yourself. Or maybe you are so crazy, you don’t even realize you are crazy anymore. Just ask someone close to you, they will tell you the truth. Truth is life isn’t always pretty. But one thing that helps is admitting you don’t have it all together. So here I am admitting it, I really REALLY don’t have it all together. I’m a hot mess 95% of the time. But I find comfort in stories from others saying that they are experiencing the same craziness. It makes me feel a little less crazy to know I’m not the only one. I hope this story can bring you the same comfort. 

So let’s thank Jesus for grace and just remember- you are doing a great job. Hot mess mom is the new black, so rock it! 

Written by Stacia Tiller