One thing I’ve learned the older I’ve gotten is that dads are a vital part in every child’s life. I can say that I was lucky enough to have an amazing dad, then a great father in law, and now I get to watch my husband straight kill it in the fatherhood department. But not all are that lucky. 

I have many friends as well as others I’ve met who have had to deal with many issues in life that were a result of a father who they never knew, one who left, or one who was taken from them too soon. A father’s unconditional love brings a sense of comfort and protection that one cannot just explain but it truly has to be experienced. I think it is no accident that Satan attacks families, especially dads. We see it everywhere. It has become an epidemic. It has become “the norm” to not have a dad. This breaks my heart. 

But there is one thing I know. I have seen so many people, adults and kids alike, who God has redeemed and healed after the loss of their earthly father. Just as I said previously, their is something about a father’s unconditional love. How great is it that even when human’s fail us, we still have access to a father who loves us more than the best dad here on earth! Really though, dads are a big deal. 

I want to give a shout out to all the dads who are loving their children. Here’s to the dads who have stepped in when other dads have stepped out. Here’s to the dads who are working their butts off to support their families. Here’s to the dads who are taking time out of their day to spend time with their kids, even if they are exhausted. Here’s to the dads who will do anything for a laugh. Here’s to the dads who are loving their wives because you are showing those kids what love looks like in a world that has so easily distorted love. I could go on but you get my point. You dads, are the real MVPs. 

So for us who are lucky enough to have these kind of men in our lives, let’s not forget to tell them how much we appreciate them. They are one of a kind and deserve to be honored. 

Written by Stacia Tiller