As you can see in the picture, I drive a dirty, mini van. I have vacuumed that thing out so many times and it just goes back to dirty in like 3 minutes. So to be honest I haven’t done it in a while (struggling to get the motivation to clean it knowing it will get dirty again). But that didn’t stop me from getting this picture of Xandrie (who by the way, only knows one pose apparently)! 

A week or so ago, I posted about a Children’s Place sale that was going on. I got in on it and scored this graphic tee Xandrie is wearing for $3! The pants (I’m obsessed with the stripes currently) were $2.50 at a resale shop. And then, there is the shoes. These shoes I scored during a sweet deal at For signing up to be a member I got a credit on top of a buy one, get one shoe sale they were running. These shoes only cost me $10 bucks brand new! That totals this outfit out just over $15. Probably one of the more expensive ones but the shirt and shoes were not used so I would say we did alright! 

Shopping sales is key to getting clothes cheap, you just have to keep an eye out for them! 

Written by Stacia Tiller