This summer, I have found many different toddler/baby crop tops and I am obsessed! Some of our favorite brands have some of the cutest ones but I honestly wasn’t prepared to spend what they were asking for them. Thankfully, I had one made by a girl who lives right here in my home town. Xandrie loves it too! Then, on an outing to Goodwill the other day, I found this lovely adorable crop top. I love, love, love, the print. It is a baby Gap piece, which is one of our favorite stores. You can usually catch deals there and score clothes for really cheap! In this case, we got it at Goodwill and guess what- we only paid $1.25 for it! I have it paired with some shorts from Old Navy that I got while they were on sale for $4. Now for the shoes. These are some of Xandrie’s favorite shoes currently. She calls them her princess shoes because they are “soo pretty” as she says. Gracyn also has a pair of these so I like to coordinate the girls in them if I can. We got these while Old Navy was having a sale and paid around $10 for them. That is at the higher end of my shoe budget, but they were brand new and Xandrie was excited to have the same shoes as Sissy!

Written by Stacia Tiller