I’m not kidding, this outfit of Gracyn’s cost me $1.25! Now I do have to say, I have an Old Navy credit card where I get rewards so the shoes were free for me (unless you count the bills I paid on my credit card to get the rewards points , then it cost me a fortune). Even brand new, they were only $12 though! I most likely would have waited for a sale and grabbed them. The romper Gracyn has on was another Goodwill find. The key to Goodwill is taking the time to look. It is an Old Navy romper and normally retails for about $20. It’s cute, but I wouldn’t have spent $20 on it. Some may say, “well its a tank top romper so it’s only a summer outfit.” That though, is not the case! Once some fall and winter clothes start making their way out, I will grab a cardigan and throw it on to make it suitable for chillier weather. I love finding pieces that can be used for more than one season, especially with Gracyn. She has not grown nearly as quickly as Xandrie and I have been able to use clothes a lot longer for her. Almost a year and a half old and we are still rocking mostly 9-12 month clothes. So here is the breakdown-

Romper- $1.25 at Goodwill

Headband- Used extra leopard print elastic I had at my house (I think when I bought it, I spent $3 on the whole roll.)

Shoes- Free through reward dollars I got at Old Navy

Can’t beat an outfit for $1.25!


Written by Stacia Tiller