Hello there internet world! My name is Stacia Tiller. I am married to the best man and we have three awesome kids! (hence the name-Tiller Trio). I am a mom who loves my family, loves dressing my kids up, and scoring amazing deals on their clothes. As a stay at home mom, I find myself doing almost everything for my family, but not much for myself (I’m sure some of you can relate).

This webpage is being started for multiple reasons. One, I’m hoping to use it as an outlet for myself to do something I enjoy; shopping and sharing my deals! Two, I want to show people that you can have very fashionable kids and not break the bank doing it. When I say not break the bank, I mean most of my kids’ outfits, head to toe cost me under $15 (most are less than $10). Three, I want people to see this page as a place of transparency. I will make sure my posts are raw, real, and relatable. I want to invite you to be a part of our life. Have fun dressing your kids, while I share my adventures dressing mine, trendy and affordable!

Written by Stacia Tiller