I know, most of you are probably here to see cute pictures of the kids. I figured I should probably introduce my husband and I, formally known as Mom and Dad. My name is Stacia and my husband Tony and I got married in 2012 after dating on and off for a couple years. We busted right out of the marriage gate into parenthood the next year when Xandrie was born, followed closely by Gracyn, and then even closer by Silas. The girls are 20 months apart and Gracyn and Silas are 14 months apart. Crazy, we know. My husband is the youth pastor at our church, where I serve, and to be honest, we pretty much live there. Our kids love it there, we love it there, and it is a big part of our lives! Other than church, we love spending time with our families, being outside, and binge watching Netflix. Oh and food. We are big lovers of all things tasty!

Written by Stacia Tiller